Cells in excel not automatically updating

Auto Sum is represented as the Greek Capital letter Sigma Σ. To use Auto Sum you must click in the cell that you wish your result, or addition to appear in.

As a default, Auto Sum looks up a column for figures immediately above it to add together.

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I like to just have the first worksheet as the presentation layer — let’s name it Dashboard — and the second worksheets as the data layer — let’s call that Data.

(Note: I abhor many, many things about Excel’s default settings, but, to keep the example as familiar as possible, I’m going to leave those alone.

This basic approach is one of the core components in the dashboards I work on every day, and it can be applied to a much more robust visualization of data than is represented here.

Here are some quick tricks for you to solve it: Copy and paste only non-blank cells with Go To Special command Copy and paste only non-blank cells with Filter feature Copy and paste only non-blank cells with Array Formula Copy and paste only non-blank cells with VBA code Copy and paste only non-blank cells with Kutools for Excel Go To Special, see screenshot:3.

In the Go To Special dialog box, check Constants option, see screenshot:4.

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