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It's an age we arrived at by way of Botox and fillers—not to mention constant exercise and a new dress code comprised of clothes that at one time would have been considered appropriate only for adolescents. "If someone does all of these treatments, she can take 10 to 15 years off.A judicious amount of this stuff can indeed make you look younger, but the trouble is that too much winds up adding years in a "What the hell is she trying to hide? Old-fashioned wrinkles can be far less damning than desperate attempts at patching them up. When someone is 40, there's no reason she can't pass for 30—or even younger. Would love to be in or very near mountains and have some acreage (min 10-20) for horses but also town within 30 min. Heading out in a couple of weeks to drive areas but hoping someone can recommend some areas.First-year student Henry Muhlbauer kicked off his college career with a full course load, taking classes in electrical engineering, computer programming and chemistry, among his 15 credits.On the topic of community, Shapiro confirmed there will be just one, big stage this year, instead of the two stage model previously employed. We're hoping it will be a fluid experience for everyone," Shapiro explained.

Set by a backdrop of the Blue Ridge mountains of Arrington, VA, (just outside Charlottesville) and a soundtrack uniquely founded on collaboration by some of the best live musicians in psychedelic, jam, and improv rock, LOCKN' will surely be a tasty slice of Utopia.Nothing is really more spiritual than the first time listening through Terrapin, and that's just how the gooball melts.I gotta say though, I felt that same hopeful way when I found out about the Grateful Dead reunion shows last year with Trey, and hands-down am even more excited about this upcoming LOCKN'.The festival where all the bands combine, and they melt into a dream.Where the best musicians bring out the best fans and we all celebrate life for a few days.

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