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He said when he tweeted the video he started getting replies, predominantly from Asian people, saying: “Did you notice how many people assume that woman is the nanny? “It was so clearly the terrified parents.” He added: “There are stereotypes of Asian women as servile, as passive, as fulfilling some kind of service role.

People were quick to make that assumption.” Mr Kelly, 44, a professor at Pusan National University, was speaking about the impeachment of president Park Geun-hye when his daughter Marion, four, opened the door to his study and danced in, effectively stealing the show.

Oppression is the prolonged, unjust treatment or control of people by others.

In the past, the definition of oppression was limited to tyranny by a ruling group, but overtime it has transformed because governments are not the only people who oppress.

Jason Derulo has spoken out about an incident with American Airlines which he is claiming is a 'racial issue' after he was met with 15 policemen after demanding a plane he was on be turned around in Miami'He was kicking us off the plane, when it was us that asked to get off the plane.

I was like, "Listen, sir, you're not going to talk down to me; I’m not your son.

, the actress stepped out in a black crop top and matching pants.

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In a video obtained by Derulo explains what happened in the moments leading up to the incident which he calls 'a racial issue'.

At this point the Talk Dirty hitmaker said everyone realized who he was and there was a 'gear change'.'The tone changed because of who I am,' the singer said.'It's not okay, you can't treat me a way because I'm a celebrity and because I have a social platform'.

Not okay: The singer asked to get off the plane after another friend called him and told him they would be charged ,000 for a ticket and his 19 pieces of luggage which had to go on a separate flight'If I was the average Joe I might have been in handcuffs.' 'That's why it feels like a racial issue.' Derulo said.'I just want everybody to be treated with respect. I’m not asking for anything extra, I’m not asking to be taken care of.' Meanwhile a police report filed by the Miami-Dade PD paints a different picture.

Today, oppression “could also mean denying people language, education, and other opportunities that might make them become fully human in both mind and body." This is seen throughout history through the actions of Hitler and Mussolini in Europe, King George III in the United Kingdom and the Thirteen Colonies (the predecessor of the United States of America), and today by observing the actions of people such as Kim Jong-un in North Korea and Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

Although these leaders are separated by nearly fifty years and a few centuries, both are "governmental regimes that deprive people of at least some of their human rights.” Today, oppression can be seen in the social, institutionalized, and economic spheres across the world.

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