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While playing online Tom receives the special password.

When he enters the password into his game scanner he is transported to a place called Chaotic that is able to take him to another world where the characters, locations and items in the card game came to life.

The key to literacy is reading development, a progression of skills that begins with the ability to understand spoken words and decode written words, and culminates in the deep understanding of text.

Reading development involves a range of complex language underpinnings including awareness of speech sounds (phonology), spelling patterns (orthography), word meaning (semantics), grammar (syntax) and patterns of word formation (morphology), all of which provide a necessary platform for reading fluency and comprehension.

Much of the plot is based on the original storyline of the Danish trading card game.

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Our knowledge of human evolution took a giant leap backwards this fortnight.

There are two parts to the Chaotic world, Chaotic itself and Perim.

Chaotic is where the people play an advanced version of the card/online game where they transform into the creatures.

The remains were dated by dating the artefacts, in this case, flint blades, found in the neighbourhood of the fossils.

The fossils were clearly of the homo sapiens type, but were much, much older than anything found so far.

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