Sarah bolger dating henry cavill

Let's take a look at the darker side of the asked Cavill whether he wears swimming shorts or "budgie smugglers" (Speedos, for the uncultured), he replied, "Definitely, definitely swimming shorts. I've been in this business for 20 years, and my whole life, I could go anywhere, do anything. There you go." Remember the old adage about protesting too much? At least Batman's actors are a bit more subtle with the innuendos. It's actually real and true sign of someone's maturity. Once Cavill got wind of Gonzalo spilling on their affair to press, he called it quits on the relationship.It was exciting for me as a writer, for someone with a very strong interest in English history and his reign was such a pivotal moment that it sort of fell into place.Yes I did, he was my main character and he was a sort of alter ego.You play a mentally disturbed babysitter Emelie, What was it about the script that sucked you in?I got the script a couple of months before filming; I guess what I look for in a project is individuality, something that strikes you as being very different and unique.With the upcoming release of her next film Emelie, where she plays an emotionally disturbed babysitter with a dark and depressing past.We caught up with Sarah for a chat about the film and her time on the set of The Tudors.

We got the inside scoop on what it was like working with a star-studded cast including 'Bend it Like Beckham'’s Jonathan Rhys Meyers and the new Superman himself, Henry Cavill. A young American TV producer came over to meet me and he thought he could turn the Tudor dynasty into an American TV soap opera, which made me laugh.

I wanted to impress her." He was even nervous about the whole ordeal, saying "I was thinking, 'Don't mess this up, man.'" Oh, calm down, Kal-El. reports that Gonzalo frequently leaked photos of her excursions with Cavill, and that the pair met at a Michigan gym while he was filming in the area.

The only risk of immaturity may be Cavill's own: you know those weird 20-somethings who hang out in high school parking lots? Cavill's last girlfriend before King, Marisa Gonzalo, didn't seem like a match for the actor at all. Cavill is a self-proclaimed and well-documented animal lover, and Gonzalo, well, likes to post pictures of herself posing with animals she killed hunting.

Of course I had written a film about Elizabeth I, and I loved the Tudor period, and I think at the time Working Title and I had debated on whether to do Elizabeth I or Henry VIII. Like Elizabeth I’d had this feeling that it had never properly been addressed.

We have this iconic image of him as a middle-aged, fat, bearded tyrant and, surprisingly, he’d been young once, and in fact he came to the throne when he was 18.

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