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Rebecca Taber and the Army lieutenant kissed on the sidewalk outside her 16th Street apartment.

They had met through friends and had spent, at most, six hours together over the course of two evenings. Dan Berschinski was going to Afghanistan, where he would lead a platoon of 35 men. Rebecca, then 23, noticed the black memorial bracelet that he wore as a reminder that his soldiers’ lives would depend on his decisions.

“It made me think that he was mature,” she recalled.

The looming danger of his combat tour only added to the evening’s excitement.

If you or your friends or your social circle are housewives, some can have part time jobs or somewhat of a career and are battling with serious and realistic issues such as suicide, divorce, broken relationships, bankruptcy, infidelity, family feuding, alcoholism, deadbeat dads and foreclosures that this may be the show for you.

Make sure to send in your information and a written paragraph of why you and your friends should be chosen for the next Housewives or your city. Make sure you are over the age of 21 and have the consent of the other Housewives you are submitting out as well.

Celebrate Your Anniversary Planning a special party for your wedding anniversary?

They tried the installment of The Real Housewives of Washington DC but after too much political turmoil and unlawful events went down the show and their wives decided not to go forward with the filming.

This fascinating tale of a psychotic millionaire who probably got away with murder led film director, Andrew Jarecki to create a six-part HBO miniseries about Durst called Durst was arrested the day before the episode aired, and he's been in the news almost every day since because the more you learn about Robert Durst, the creepier he becomes. Robert Durst is the son of New York real estate mogul, Seymour Durst.

His family controls a billion dollar empire, and is one of the wealthiest blood lines in New York.

Tell your story in pictures and music -from early childhood to first date, from your days as young parents to grandparents. Preserve family history for your children and grandchildren as an heirloom. Begin with baby pictures and let the audience watch the bride and groom grow from early childhood to their courtship together. Imagine a movie that tells the story of how you and your lover met and fell and love. You guys do great work and go above and beyond for your customers. Very grateful and very satisfied." - Nichole Thomas, Memorial for Grandfather more testimonials ... Our DVD Slideshows are often shown at weddings, anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, reunions and other events.

We can include your old and faded love letters, interviews, personal reminiscences. Add quotes telling how they met, fell in love, and the events that led up to their big day? Send us the photos and any other media you want to include. "There is not another word to describe the work that you do! Custom-design DVD Cases Our slideshows make beautiful gifts. Find complete song lyrics and listen to song samples in our searchable database of songs. DVD Video Albums & Slideshows are a great way to preserve precious moments of your life, tell a story, give a family history lesson, celebrate life's special events, or tell someone you love them.

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